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International relocation can be a challenging and costly process that requires a lot of attention and awareness. You could encounter a lot of painstaking issues related to personal belongings, theft, damage issues and transport issues. The best approach to avoid hiccups along the way and prepare for a smooth international shipping, it’s recommended to work with professional shipping and removal experts for your global move to be as stress-free as possible.  

International Shipping

Preparing a move abroad may require an international freight transfer or shipping, to move your personal goods. Without the assistance of a professional international mover, it can be rather difficult, so it’s best to understand the options available for your international move or removal. Each shipping option option is very different and may present some benefits to determine which shipping option is best for your moving plan. International shipping options include:

Air Freight

Air freight or air cargo while moving internationally is luggage shipping through an air transport or simply the transfer and carriage of goods and shipments through an aircraft. Air transport services offer baggage ships to countries worldwide with online quotes and moving tips.

Advantages for Air Freight:

  • Faster time of travel and international packing
  • Safe and secure luggage shipping with air freight insurance
  • Easy customs clearance for moving abroad

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight services or the ocean shipping is the transport of goods by the cargo shipping lines. It is many times referred to as the most cost effective method for exporting and importing cargo. This shipping option is usually utilized by shipping companies for overseas shipping of large freight in shipping container; however, it may be a great option for you and your family’s move abroad.

Advantages of Sea Freight:

  • Cost to move is quite low when comparing international freight to other transport
  • Shipping container - great for large amounts of heavy goods can be shipped to move overseas
  • LCL (less than container load) - great for a smaller amount of luggage shipping with low cost to move
  • Eco-friendly,  ocean freight is the best way with less amount of pollution within the moving resources

Ground/ Road Freight

Ground or road freight is the simplest and can be a very cost-effective method for freight transportation, generally the freight is made by means of road transport. It is used for the transportation of large items that are not time bound. When considering cross-country or to another country that has ground transport options available, this option may be great to consider.  

Advantages of Ground Freight:

  • Cheapest option for a  low cost to move versus air freight or ocean freight
  • Flexible options for larger and heavier items can be moved

Vehicle Shipping

Transporting your vehicle to a foreign country can present various complexity, which require a professional transporter to discuss and review options. Vehicle shipping or also known as auto shipping is the best way to move overseas with an international moving company for car shipping or any vehicle of your choice.

Advantages of auto shipping:

  • Door-to-door service to transport your car, whether personal, convertible, bike or any other moving vehicle
  • Easy processing with van lines
  • Many fast and reliable services based on your choice and depending on the vehicle

Pet Relocation

Moving your pet abroad to the destined country with the help of pet relocation services will ensure your pet reaches safely to your new home, whether that’s across the country or halfway across the world. There are many professional pet relocation companies that can assist in giving your pet a safe, comfortable transport.

International Removals

Moving overseas is a lengthy process that requires trustworthy moving resources, which is why having a good moving plan with the help of an international removal company will make your international move easier. Choosing an international removal insurance and expert international removals company is highly recommended. International removals include some of the following services:

Removals and Storage

In many cases, it’s important to have a good, temperature-controlled storage facility when relocating abroad, whether temporary or for a long-term move. Storage can be secured in your home country or in the country of arrival to ensure your personal belongings are in a safe location as you get settled abroad. While finalizing a moving plan, it’s important to consider the worldwide storage facilities as you plan your international move with storage services.

Excess Baggage

Having a lot of luggage and exceeding the limit to the allowed or permitted baggage is considered as excess baggage. Moving to a foreign country with excess baggage can be rather complicated, and sometimes add unnecessary stress when moving abroad. That’s why it’s recommended to take advantage of excess baggage services so your baggage ships without worrying about the limitations for the personal belongings with international packing.

There are many ways to choose for the extra baggage such as air cargo and road freight while moving abroad. Whether you need to coordinate your excess baggage or prepare an entire household move abroad, you can get immediate quotes on our expat moving platform and speak with a relocation expert to guide you through the shipping process.

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