Secure and book the right health, travel, pet and car insurance for your family as they venture on a journey abroad.


Moving from one country to another requires that you protect yourself and your family with the proper insurance coverage. Having the right insurance can avoid unnecessary fees and the expenses associated with medical emergencies or unpredictable accidents. That’s why it’s recommended, if not required, to have the right coverage for your move abroad.

Setting up insurance(s) in a foreign country can be rather complex, especially when healthcare is different in each country, but it’s important to understand the types of insurance, when it’s necessary to get the insurances and how to get insurance in a foreign country.

If you’re having trouble understanding the requirements for your insurance or learning about the coverage plans and claims process, then we recommend speaking with an expat-vetted insurance company on our expat moving platform, so they can guide you through the process and help you get set up even while in your home country.

Types of Insurance

There are many different types of insurance packages, and from each, there are different levels of coverage. But to cover the basics, here are the most common types of insurance required when moving abroad:

Travel Insurance

Many airlines and credit card companies offer travel insurance for those traveling around the world; however, many people tend to bypass travel insurance, which is quite risky. During travels, unexpected situations can turn a delightful travel experience into a nightmare if the right protection isn’t in place to protect you, your family and your personal belongings.

It’s important to prepare your move abroad with travel insurance that covers all unexpected emergencies so you are medically and financially protected. Here are a few different types of coverage offered by travel insurance; however, check each plan thoroughly to ensure you understand the fine print:

  • Baggage safety and recovery
  • Full refund when there is a delay or cancellation
  • Emergency coverage for medical assistance

Be sure to compare insurance coverage policies and insurance rates and benefits to find the right travel insurance for you and your family. You can quickly speak with our recommended travel insurance companies on our expat moving platform to get started.

Health Insurance

Medical emergencies are unexpected and can be quite expensive if you don’t have the proper health insurance coverage while traveling or living abroad. Irrespective of short term or long-term stay, it is highly recommended to get health insurance tailored to your time abroad and according to your needs. Here are some things to consider for your health insurance:

  • Maternity bills
  • Vaccinations
  • Newborn babies
  • Grandparents and parents
  • Dental examinations
  • Eye and vision reimbursements
  • Coverage for your employees
  • Personal life insurance

It’s important to review the health insurance options available in your arriving country, and it’s also good to ask others what they have done for insurance to understand what is culturally protected and what to consider in your health insurance policy. Create a customized health insurance plan and speak with a relocation specialist on our expat moving platform to determine which health insurance is best for you and your family.

Home Insurance

Many countries require home insurance in order to finalize a rental agreement, which is enforced to protect your personal belongings and for safety reasons in case of an unexpected emergency like burglary or even a building fire.

But not all home insurance packages offer the same level of protection, which is why it’s important to understand what’s covered and know the steps for insuring your property. Here are a few things to review in your home insurance policy:

  • Financial safety and security
  • Personal property damage coverage
  • Claim umbrella insurance (if applicable)
  • Check the homeowner insurance
  • Commercial property Insurance

The most important part of finding the right home insurance is to make sure the insurance protects you and your family in case of emergencies, so be sure to read the fine print and know the process for processing a claim in case of an emergency.

Pet Insurance

Moving with your pet can add an additional stress to the relocation process, which is why it’s important to understand all the steps for transporting your pet abroad and ensure your pet is safe and secure with the best pet insurance.

Pet insurance is different from country to country, but it is a valuable protection to cover transportation, vet bills, unexpected surgeries and medical conditions. To ensure your pet is safe and comfortable when moving to a foreign country, it’s important to review the different insurance policies and rates, as they vary by pet size, pet type, pet health condition and the age of your pet.

As there are many things to consider, we recommend working with a professional pet relocation or insurance company to ensure your pet is fully covered for general insurance and urgent care. On our expat moving platform, you can get in touch with expat-vetted pet insurance providers to find the best pet insurance for your pets as you move abroad. Some things to consider in your pet insurance plan should include:

  • Preventive treatment
  • Vaccinations
  • X-ray session coverage

Once you’ve decided which pet insurance works for your pet, be sure to renew the term life of the policy to ensure it continues to protect your pet while you are abroad.

Scooter /Car Insurance

Whether you’re moving abroad with your vehicle or purchasing a car or scooter upon arrival, it’s important to understand the insurance required for your vehicle to get registered and be protected.

Motorcycle, scooter or car insurance can protect both the vehicle and your family in case of an accident. And while we all like to be safe drivers, it’s still necessary to have car insurance to protect your family and others on the road.

Choosing a vehicle insurance in a foreign country may be very different from the insurances available in your home country, so be sure to read (and translate if necessary) the coverage options so you know what’s included in the car insurance and what’s not included. For example, it’s good to know what value of your vehicle will be replaced in case of an accident and what steps to take in case of an accident in order to report or file a claim.

These are some common coverage's to consider for your car insurance or motorcycle insurance when you move abroad:

  • Electronic accessories coverage
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Third-party coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Additional Insurance

There are many vehicle insurance coverage's to consider in order to find what fits your insurance requirements. To get set up with insurance for your move abroad, select the insurances you need to get insurance coverage through our expat moving platform.

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