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Packing and moving personal goods via ground freight is a lot of work and can require additional hands for the labor of loading and unloading for your move abroad. For this reason, we recommend working with professional movers that offer comprehensive services to pack, load and unload and offer the insurance coverage for your personal belongings. Having professional moving experts can make your entire move a much smoother and stress-free experience.

Whether you are moving cross-country or neighboring countries, ground freight is the classic method when you opt for a cost-effective process. But, it’s important to pay special attention to the amount of care that is required for handling, selecting the appropriate ground freight company that understands your shipping requirements and has the storage capacity for your move abroad.

Transporting your personal goods for short to medium distances is great for ground round transportation with much flexibility and door-to-door services. As you prepare your move, here’s a checklist to kick start you on your move abroad:

Ground Freight Checklist

Before you get started with a transportation company, it’s good to start by doing your own research and “homework” on what ground freight entails and how to get your personal belongings from point A to point B safely and securely. Once you know the main details about your move, it’s good to speak with a few expat-vetted ground freight shipping companies to outline what they offer and compare rates.

Once you’ve got a few options in hand and have spoken to ground freight experts on our expat moving platform, you can outline the proper steps required for your specific move. A professional will be able to guide you through the paperwork and documentation checklist for a stress-free move. Here’s a few different checklists you might need to walk through with your shipping carrier:

  • Safety checklist
  • Heights safety
  • Shipping options
  • Workplace safety checklist
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Noise safety
  • Machine guarding safety
  • Hazardous materials safety

However, this information may vary and require additional documents to meet import and export rules and customs clearance. Planning and coordinating your transportation ahead of time will also make for an easier process, and will allow you to triple check all the paperwork to ensure everything is accurate for your move.

Types of Ground Transportation

Careful planning allows you to best prepare the required paperwork, selecting the best freight forwarders, understanding the customs clearance process, booking appropriate freight insurance, and knowing the best competitive rates. Once you have your transportation criteria laid out, you’ll be able to find which ground transportation best fits your needs.

A shipping expert can prepare a custom solution, whether it’s just ground transportation or utilizes various means of transportation (air, ocean freight, etc.), especially if you are considering vehicle transportation.

Here’s an overview of the different types of ground transportation's to consider:

  • Road transport of bulk transport - Transported in bulk cargo
  • Heavy goods transport - equipment's such as crane, heavy machinery
  • Dry good transport - transported in packages
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Truckload freight

Now, you may have an idea of which type of transportation solutions to choose and plan ahead of time with experts who can guide you throughout the entire process until your personal belongings have arrived safely in your new home.

Ground Freight Shipping Prices

There are many factors to consider when you plan to move your goods through ground transportation. So, it is important to understand the process and shipping rates, so that you can prepare easily. Here are few common factors to consider, which includes

  • Size and weight of the package shipments
  • Special equipment charges
  • Delivery options
  • Import and export charges
  • Freight insurance
  • Customs brokerage charges

However, freight management isn't easy and especially during the holiday schedule, the freight pricing  may vary and it is a little expensive. Choosing the experts and speaking with them about the needs can certainly make your move with best shipping solutions .

Prohibited Items

Hazardous materials always require additional measures, declarations to be made for shipping and authorities according to trade compliance. So, it is necessary to know about the items which are restricted. Here are some of the common items that are found on most prohibited lists for ground freight shipments:

  • Animals
  • Perishables
  • Money
  • Precious items like gold, jewelry
  • Tobacco products
  • Toxic gases

Regulations vary country by country and may be different per freight forwarder, so it’s good to review the list provided by the ground transportation company to ensure you fully understand what can’t be packed as according to the prohibited items list.

If you feel you have items that may be blocked or rejected for customs clearance, then be sure to bring that up with your shipping expert on our expat moving platform, so they can prepare in advance and offer solutions for you.

Benefits of Ground Freight

There are various forms of transportation to consider, but there are specific benefits that may guide you to selecting ground freight shipping as an option for your move abroad. Here’s just a few reasons you should consider ground freight:

  • Cheap and cost-effective method
  • Reduced weather delays
  • Can handle heavy goods
  • Door-to-door delivery shipping options
  • Easy tracking and best delivery times

If you're getting ready to pack for your move, we recommend you speak with expat-vetted ground freight companies to ask any questions you have and get instant competitive quotes for your move.

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