Getting Started

Avvinue is an all-in-one expat moving platform that was designed by our customers and expats in mind, which is why we made the onboarding process very easy so you can simplify your relocation experience on our user-focused platform.

On the digital relocation platform, you can accomplish the following: 

  • Get started with personalized relocation details and select the relocation services
  • Navigate a personalized moving roadmap
  • Keep track of the progress for your relocation
  • Send direct messages to expat-vetted relocation service providers
  • Securely book services online
  • Live chat with an on-demand dedicated relocation specialist

Step 1: Get Started

You can get started within 2 minutes by selecting the services you need for relocation and then adding details about your personal relocation. And just like that, you get access to your moving roadmap, where you can manage and organize your entire relocation abroad.

Step 2: Review Moving Roadmap

From your personal moving roadmap dashboard, you'll be prompted to review and take action on the pending action items that were previously selected. The dashboard will showcase the words pending action and have a yellow icon to showcase which items need further information or review to proceed booking the selected service.

Select the service and complete the forms in order to move from pending action to in progress status.

Step 3: Send Direct Messages

Once you've provided the necessary details for your relocation abroad, you can discuss your specific relocation with our expat-vetted service providers who can answer your questions, provide attachments and resources for you to easily make a decision and finalize your booking. To receive notifications for any new messages, be sure to turn on the notifications (push or email notification) on the platform settings.

Step 4: Track Progress

The boarding pass feature on the moving roadmap allows you to quickly track the progress of your move with a progress tracker showing the percentage (%) of tasks complete to be ready for your move abroad. This gives a great overview on what you need to complete and also reference the countdown for your adventure abroad.

Excited about your move? You can share your countdown to your social channels so your family and friends can share in the excitement with you for your move abroad. Simply access your settings and share the social images already designed for you.

Step 5: Pay Online

Now that you've decided which relocation service providers you need to accomplish your moving checklist, and have discussed the details with your on-demand relocation specialist, you are ready to book the service. On the platform, you can pay the company directly through many forms of payments that are secured and highly regulated for a safe and secure online payment.

Step 6: Leave a Review

The last step to using the Avvinue expat moving platform is to leave a review for the provider you've selected as well as for the platform and service offered by Avvinue. But if you have any feedback or suggestions, head over to our support help desk so that the team can assist you directly.