Features & Benefits

Moving abroad is stressful. Managing the unclear and daunting immigration process to getting settled in a foreign country where you don't know the local language can really put a damper on a relocation experience. That's why Avvinue offers an all-in-one expat moving platform to easily manage an international relocation and get access to on-demand relocation specialists around the world.

Here's just a sample of the benefits of using Avvinue to plan your relocation abroad: 

  • Centralized online platform to plan and coordinate your entire international move
  • Book expat-vetted, trustworthy relocation service providers (not just the ones you find online)
  • Guidance from expats with a personalized moving roadmap
  • Message with English-speaking providers around the world or automatically translate to your local language

In just 2 minutes, you can get setup to begin coordinating and planning your move abroad on a platform designed by expats for expats. Not yet convinced? Take a look at the awesome features: 

Moving Roadmap

The moving roadmap is your personalized moving details to guide you through an interactive checklist with everything you should prepare before, during and after your move abroad. On the moving roadmap, you can see the status of each task, organize and coordinate those tasks directly on the platform with our expat-vetted service providers and easily chat with an on-demand relocation specialist.

Boarding Pass Progress Tracker

The boarding pass progress tracker is the visual representation of your move abroad, showing you the details for your move, countdown until your moving date and how far along you are to complete your moving roadmap checklist. The boarding pass can be updated from the profile settings in case changes occur, but it's a great visual and enabled gamification for you to focus less on the mundane tasks and more on the excitement of your journey abroad.

Direct Messages

The direct messaging feature allows you to have direct communication with an expat-vetted service provider to discuss your personal relocation details. No need to dig through your emails, because all your communication for each service is organized from your moving roadmap for quick references.

To stay on top of your direct messages, you can turn on notifications (push or email) so you always know when you have an update or message from our partners and on-demand relocation specialists.

Online Payment

The secure online payment option allows you to bypass the need for wire transfers, unnecessary paperwork and mailing in checks that can make the buying process rather cumbersome. Through the secure and safe online payment, you can pay for the services online and keep track of your relocation budget. After reviewing a quote, you can easily book the service through many forms of online payment.

Live Chat

The live chat feature gives you 24/7 access to our team of expats at Avvinue and access to an on-demand relocation specialist who can answer your questions with local expertise and knowledge. Have a question in the middle of the night? No problem, our team will respond to your inquiry and help guide you in the right direction.