Whether you are looking for a career overseas or have been offered a job in a foreign country, there are many things to prepare beforehand to ensure you have a smooth transition to life abroad. Accepting a job overseas presents many great advantages and a new cultural experience that is both enriching and great on your resume.  

Prerequisites to Work Abroad

There are certain things to consider beforehand and plan ahead your international careers with a professional international job:

  • Having an employment profile with international experience
  • Generally many international jobs ask for a masters degree and it's a bonus if it's from an internationally-recognized university
  • Prepare an employment profile based on the core competencies before applying for jobs
  • Estimate the expenses and cost of living for the selected country
  • Engage with the social media and social events and go through the frequently asked questions on international careers

Find Work Abroad 

There are many work abroad programs to consider to gain international work experience, including: 

Teach Abroad

There is a high demand for teaching overseas jobs, which allows a great opportunity for those looking for international teaching opportunities without high university accreditation. Many countries have schools that offer teaching jobs in different language schools. 

Narrow down your search for the schools offering relocation packages and assistance for you to move abroad and begin the teaching overseas, and review the teaching certifications required. The TEFL (or equivalent) certifications are required for teaching abroad.

Internship Programs

An international internship program is a gateway for employment overseas. It's an easy way to have a job overseas to build international careers. Many countries offer opportunities for interns in internship programs.

Check with your university or current employment to see if they offer international internship programs, which may be an easier route than finding an internship program online. 

Exchange Programs

A work exchange program is a great way to gain work experience in a foreign country. The exchange program allows you to gain hands-on experience and develop new skills in another branch or partnership program through your university or current employer. This option is great for travel programs for an experience abroad. 

Volunteer Abroad

Another option for moving abroad and enriching your work experience is to find a volunteering program abroad. This kind of social work will give you a rewarding experience working with local residents or host families, and can be great for your career and personal development in a foreign country. 

Getting a Work Permit Visa 

Once you’ve secured an opportunity to work overseas, the next step is to prepare all necessary documentation and paperwork to secure a work permit visa. Every country has its own rules and regulations for getting a work permit for an international job. The common forms of paperwork required for a work permit visa include: 

  • Work permit visa requirements
  • Medical record
  • Police record
  • Passport 
  • Proof of accommodation/stay with host families
  • Study documents
  • Work contract/proof of work
  • Sponsorship
  • Translations (If applicable)

There are different types of work permits for different programs abroad, which is why it’s necessary to fully understand the requirements for your specific visa. If you aren’t sure how to process your work visa application, we recommend speaking with an immigration lawyer on our expat moving platform to guide you through the process.