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Studying abroad is a wonderful and rewarding opportunity which opens doors to a global traveling adventure. If you’re considering a study abroad program, we may be a bit biased, but it’ll be a journey you’ll never forget. But to help prepare you through the somewhat complicated process, it’s best to prepare your study abroad program and understand the dynamics of going abroad. Here are some things to consider so you can enjoy your study abroad: 

Things to Consider for Studying Abroad

Prepare and Research

Picking the right program and destination country for your study abroad experience is a very important, and sometimes underrated, part of the overall cultural experience. Since every country and study abroad program is different and unique, it’s important to narrow down your options for you to have the best study abroad experience.  

The best way to begin the excitement of preparing for a study abroad program is to do extensive research so you know the process, what to expect and understand the cultural immersion you’ll experience when you go abroad. Here’s just a few suggestions on things to begin researching for the destination country: 

  • Know about major things such as language spoken, culture, student stories, and even food 
  • Understand the benefits of studying abroad for the students who study abroad for the selected country
  • Health and safety for students on a study abroad program

Now that you are familiar with the selection and details of the country, let's jump into the selection of an international education.

Select a Study Abroad Program

Study abroad programs and international universities and colleges offer different study abroad programs. It’s highly recommended you start with your home university to see what study abroad programs are offered and how they align with your long-term education and career goals. 

One way to do that is by going through the study abroad guide to review the different programs offered as semester programs, programs by type, summer program, gap year abroad and exchange programs according to your field of study.

For example, you can select a language school that offers intensive language and a language program.

  • Shortlist the top universities and schools from your selection which embraces diversity with a multicultural environment and aligns with your financial resources
  • Look at the internship programs and opportunities with school study abroad programs

Once you’ve done the underlying research on which programs are available and destination countries for your study abroad experience, you’re ready to prepare your application. 

Independent Study Abroad or Postgraduate Studies 

If your home university doesn’t offer a study abroad program or you are looking for post-graduate programs, then start research by listing out the colleges and universities that offer your program type and field of study, understanding the minimum language requirement. 

Once you’ve narrowed down the countries of interest and the programs available for your international education and career interests, then be prepared all the required paperwork for consideration at the university, which may require that you take some time to gather documents from previous universities and places of study and translate certificates (if necessary). 

Preparing for an international education can be rather daunting, but always keep in mind the rewarding and international experience you’ll get by studying abroad. And sometimes, it’s a once in a lifetime type of experience. Gather all the requirements and don’t hesitate to ask questions to other students who have attended the university or program of choice so that you get a better idea what it’s like to attend the international program. If you still need additional guidance, reach out to an on-demand relocation specialist on our expat moving platform to guide you for your move abroad. 

Prepare to Study Overseas

Now that you’ve been accepted into a study abroad program, the tedious paperwork and visa process begins, which is necessary to attend the international study abroad program. Most universities provide guidance and resources to get started for the study abroad program; however, there are many aspects of moving abroad that may need additional preparation and a relocation expert so that your study abroad experience is a stress-free experience. 

Gather all the necessary and required paperwork for your student visa for the enrolled program. As you prepare for the visa appointment, it’s best to take the documents required and additional printed copies. In fact, bring every single document that may be considered necessary for your visa application so that you aren’t presented with any hurdles at the visa application center. 

Student Visa Requirements

There are several prerequisites for getting a student visa, including proof of accommodation or proof of funds for your study abroad experience. Whether you are staying with a host family or booking private accommodations, it’s important to have all the necessary paperwork that shows you are completely prepared for your journey abroad and won’t be a burden to the local government. 

Here are some of the necessary documentation and paperwork you’ll need to secure your student visa:

And in some cases, it may be required to translate the necessary documents into the language of the selected country, including:

  • Birth certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Passport
  • Bank statements
  • Financial resources

The process for securing a student visa and moving abroad for your international study abroad experience can be overwhelming, but you can get access to our expat moving platform to speak with an immigration lawyer and on-demand relocation specialists to help you gather all the documents necessary for your student visa application.


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