Avvinue was launched to help people move down the block or relocate around the world. Learn more about the team that's making it possible.

We're on a mission to improve the stressful moving process.

Avvinue was launched in late 2019 by Nicole Caba, who moved from New York to Lyon with a French Tech Visa to participate in the Boost In Lyon incubator, JEA Beely's pre-accelerator program and HUB612 accelerator program. After experiencing the challenges of moving and getting settled abroad, Nicole launched an innovative startup on a mission to build an all-in-one moving checklist app to help people move and get settled down the block or around the world.

As a global and diverse team, we understand the challenges and common pain points many people experience before moving, throughout the planning process and after relocating, which is why we are focused on building a moving app that solves those pain points.

"I moved more than 12 times in 10 years, and each time was stressful. I didn't have the guidance and help -- so I spent hours and hours researching online hoping I had everything I needed for my move... and it was quite stressful," says Nicole. That's why we've built an all-in-one moving checklist app to coordinate the logistics of a move, have a personalized moving roadmap, and securely book the relocation services needed for any move -- domestically or internationally.

We hope to continue to build an interactive and user-friendly app that delivers the excellence our bold movers deserve to see so that they can focus less on the logistics and more on their new home.
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Our team represents the diversity of expats we serve around the world.

Nicole Caba

Founder & CEO

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Partnerships Manager

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