Optimize your pet inventory & open a new pet ancillary

Automate your pet reservation process with the white-labeled Avvinue Pet Reservation System (PRS) and generate new ancillary revenue with the Avvinue Pet Travel Coverage service -- in 15 minutes.


A new experience for pet passengers

Give your most loyal travelers the traveling experience they deserve with a completely digital experience and added-value service.

Reserve pets 100% online

Eliminate the call center to reserve pets and allow travelers to book pet passenger tickets online.

Automate pet inventory process

Reduce human error and increase inventory management processes across the entire journey.

Launch pet travel coverage ancillary

Decrease customer complaints and increase customer loyalty with Avvinue's Pet Travel Coverage.

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We're ready to travel again — and we're not leaving our pets behind.

Pet ownership has increased 20% since the last decade, and more than 37% of pet parents are booking travel. This growing demand is pushing airlines to think about automating and digitizing their inventory management process.

Nicole Caba
founder of avvinue

Open a new ancillary revenue stream

Your travelers deserve peace of mind, and can earn a service guarantee compensation with the Avvinue Pet Travel Coverage ancillary service. Schedule a call with our team to see how much your airline could earn.

PRS features

Manage pet policies, inventory and online ticketing for your airline.

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Manage pet policies for in cabin / in cargo

Identify pet policy rules and restrictions for pets in cabin, excess baggage, cargo and service animals.

Process online payment & issue pet tickets

Confirm pet passengers during the booking journey and issue automatic tickets and up-front payment.

Reporting and analytics for your pet program

Get a bird's eye view of how your pet program is doing and how impactful it is for your airline with detailed analytics.

Verify country pet import requirements

Validate travel documents required for international pet travel before booking & confirmed before travel.

Manage pet inventory across departments

Grant permissions to teams across the organization to properly manage pet inventory for pets in cabin / in cargo.


Get setup in minutes, not months

Launching a new ancillary and software shouldn't take months to deploy. With our white-labeled solution, your airline can automate the pet program today.

White-labeled Solution

Automate your pet program (from booking flights, paying online to confirming documents) in less than 15 minutes.

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Customizable Widgets

Literally drag & drop our customizable widgets to launch our Pet Coverage ancillary in less than 30 minutes.

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Integrate our Pet Coverage ancillary and Pet Reservation System into your booking journey with our API in less than 1 day.

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